High Frequency Driver

HDF 40


40 watt Power

1 inch Throat Exit

34.4 mm (1.35 mm) Voice Coil

1.5 KHz to 20 KHz

103 db 1w@1m Sensitivity

Ferrite Magnet Structure


Throat Diameter mm/in 25/1
Power Handling Capacity w(AES) 140
Max Power watts 160
Nominal Impedance ohms 16-Aug
Sensitivity (1W/1M) dB 103
Frequency Range Hz 1.8K To 20K
Voice Coil Diameter mm/in 34.5/1.35
Re ohm 12-Jun
Flux density T 1.6
Diaphragm  PEEK
Voice coil Copper Clad Aluminium
Magnet material Ceramic


Bolt circle diameter mm 4x M6 holes
Over all diameter mm 100
Overall depth mm 50
Net weight Kg 1.3

  • Dimension Drawing

▪Aes Power Is Measured with 6db Creat Factor Continuous Pink Noise in 2 Hours Duration
▪Max Power Is Defined as 3dB Higher than the Nominal Rating
▪Sensitivity Is Measured at One Meter at 2.83v and 8 Ohm Nominal Impedance
▪All Measurement of the Speakers Is Done After a Sufficient High Level of 20hz Sine Wave Test
▪Xmas Is Defined at Tahe BL Drops by 18% of the Original Figure